Rushlake Green Village Leaf


Newsletter - April 2015

Nigel McKeeman 16/4/2015

Our campaign to get Publicly Accessible Defibrillators for our rural communities.

Bodle Street Green
The BSG defibrillator is now fully funded thanks to additional contributions from a number of ‘Angels’ who pledged to underwrite the funding gap plus community dividend contribution from Cllr Long. Our BHF application was successful and the device will be delivered shortly. We have also now ordered a cabinet which it’s been agreed can be installed outside the White Horse Inn. Jonathan Glass is leading the defibrillator project locally, and Lindsay Godwin is coordinating our CPR Know How session in the BSG village hall on Tuesday 28th April. Everyone local has been leafleted, and many contacted by email. All 30 places have been filled.

Rushlake Green
The RG defibrillator funding was underwritten by a group of local Angels and we have also had lots of individual donations. Our BHF application has been approved and the defibrillator should arrive soon. We have a cabinet, to be located outside Osborne House, and Karen Cook is helping to coordinate a CPR Know How session in the Dunn Village Hall on Tuesday 19th May. The DVH committee have offered the hall free of charge and will provide tea and coffee.

Punnetts Town
We have applied to the BHF for a subsidised defibrillator and hope to get confirmation soon. The Village Hall committee have agreed the defibrillator can be located on the hall and will be helping raise the final funds. We are about to leaflet local residents again to stimulate local support and raise funds to reach our goal.

Three Cups Corner
Fund-raising has started and a number of local residents have already pledged donations. The planned location for the defibrillator is outside the Three Cups Pub, which has agreed idea in principle. We plan to combine CPR familiarisation sessions for Three Cups Corner and Punnetts Town. In the meantime we have applied to the BHF for a subsidised defibrillator.

Cade Street
The Goward Hall Committee are very keen to have the defibrillator on the Goward Hall, and they have also generously offered to help fund its purchase and installation. The hall committee have offered the hall for familiarisation sessions, with tea and coffee. We have applied for a BHF subsidised defibrillator and we have leafleted to raise awareness and collect donations locally.

Old Heathfield
Both the Church entrance and the local pub have been suggested as locations for the defibrillator. Mike Chappell from The Star has found a number of ‘Angels’ to underwrite the project, offered a room for familiarisation sessions, and is happy to site the defibrillator in front of the pub if that’s the preferred location. In the meantime we’ve applied to BHF for a grant and have leafleted all locals to encourage support, involvement and contributions.

Funding and Training
As District Councillor, I pledged community dividend to local defibrillators for Heathfield East and we have secured strong support, and generous part funding, from Warbleton Parish Council and Heathfield Parish Council. Funds also come from local ‘Angels’, from individual donations and from community organisations. In addition, for all our locations, we have applied to the British Heart Foundation for subsidised defibrillator grants. SECAmb have offered to provide free training sessions for up to 30 people, which we have now started arranging.

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